The reposting window allows you to upload existing posts (from you or other profiles) by ensuring the original author is attributed.
Please respect author's copyrights. See Instagram's Help for more information regarding copyright.

Reposting Posts

To repost a post:
  • Right-click any post, then select Repost [Photo|Video|Carousel Post]… from the contextual menu.
  • When viewing the details of a post, select the Repost [Photo|Video|Carousel Post]… item under the actions
    button in the title bar.
  • Use the Post > Repost [Photo|Video|Carousel Post]… menu bar item when selecting a post via keyboard navigation or viewing the details of a post.
The repost menu items are hidden for posts that were made by a profile that is marked as private. An exception exists if the private profile is added as an account in Flume.

Repost Settings

When reposting a post, you can adjust a few settings. If you are reposting a post from a profile that you have logged in with, you will be able to also make editing adjustments and choose a filter. When you are reposting content that you did not create, or do not have source access to, the adjustments and filter settings will not be displayed.
If you are reposting content from a profile that is not added as an account in Flume you must choose at least one method of author attribution (see below).
This attribution option adds a small banner which includes the original author's avatar image and their username. The banner position (including off) and banner background colour can be customised.

Include original caption

The caption that the author originally used is appended to the end of your repost caption. This does not remove the #repost @username text. If you wish to remove this text, you must do so manually, however one of the other author attribution methods must be used.

Tag author

The original author of the post is tagged into the post, in the center of the post. To adjust the position of the tag, see tagging users.
Flume does not currently support tagging users in videos. As a result, reposting video content will disable the option to tag the original author.