You can find more information about promoting posts at Facebook's Business Resources.


Promoting a Post

To promote a post:
  • Right-click any post of yours, then select Promote… from the contextual menu.
The promote window will appear with your chosen post ready to configure.
Once you've confirmed your promotion, it will be reviewed to ensure it meets Facebook's ad policies. Promotions are generally reviewed in 60 minutes, but in some instances, the review process may take longer. Your promotion will begin running after it's been reviewed and approved.
It is not possible to promote carousel posts currently.

Viewing Promotions

To view your current, existing, and expired promotions:
  • Click the Promotions item that appears at the top of your activity view.

Deleting Promotions

To delete a promotion:
  • When viewing the promotion's details, click the delete
    button in the title bar.
You can only delete promotions that are currently running.