The activity view shows you the latest notifications for your account. You can receive desktop notifications when new activity arrives, as the activity feed is automatically refreshed based on your automatic refresh setting.


The You section lists the latest notifications that relate to the current account. These include:
  • Likes on your posts.
  • New followers (if not set to a private profile).
  • Comments on your posts.
  • Mentions in a comment (on your posts or others).
  • Likes on your comments (on your posts or others).
  • Updated support requests.
  • Copyright removal notices.
  • New friends (from your Address Book or Facebook) that join Instagram.
Additionally, the following may display:
  • A link to view the performance of your promotions (if an Instagram business profile)
  • A link to view open follower requests (if set to a private profile).

Responding to Comments

An additional feature exists when new comments are received on your posts, with quick actions to reply, report or delete comments, directly from the activity view.
To perform an action (such as reply) on a comment notification:
  • Move the mouse cursor to the right area of a comment notification to reveal the comment actions panel, and choose the appropriate action.

Filtering Activity

By default, all notification types are displayed. To apply filters to the notifications, use the Filter option under the
button in the title bar.

Hiding Activity

To hide a specific activity notification:


The Following section lists the latest notifications that relate to activity made by users you follow. These include:
  • When users you follow like other posts.
  • When users you follow start following other users.